10 March 2011

Three Months and a Beer Dinner

Last night was Funkwerks' first beer dinner at Choice City Butcher & Deli. Seven courses and seven beers. This is the kind of thing we were all excited about when we started down this road. It was fantastic to be able to enjoy the night with friends!

It was also our quarter anniversary - well, three months to the day since we opened the tap room. We're a bit conflicted as to which anniversary to celebrate: The day we got our alcohol licenses? The day we brewed our first 1 bbl batch? Our first 15 bbl batch? The day we sold our first beer? I say we celebrate them all!

The picture above is the remnants of the dinner with the last course having just been served. I failed once again to bring a real camera with me, even though I'd been reminding myself all day to do so. And, I failed to take any other pictures than the one above.

On the menu:

Caspar paired with buffalo carpaccio, capers, and a horseradish mustard

White paired with dolmas in a light tomato sauce

Saison paired with spinach and pine nut empanadas

Māori King paired with matambre - flank steak stuffed with carrots, hard boiled egg, and

Belgian Resistance paired with wild boar tenderloin and a little salad

French Resistance paired with truffeilo mac & cheese
This was my favorite pairing. The sweetness of our French Resistance really complimented the cheese - and, of course, I love pasta.

Barrel Aged Saison paired with a cabernet cupcake
Our Saison aged in 2008 American oak chardonnay barrels from Rombauer Vineyards in Napa - a rich Saison with oak and vanilla aromas and a hint of tangerine.

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