15 February 2011


I have not disappeared, I have just been extremely busy. I'll add several posts in the coming days on what I've been up to, and I promise to be more consistent with future posts.

I went to Portland for several days in January to visit friends. I hadn't been there in nearly three years, and I missed the city and my friends. But, I did a terrible job with the pictures on this trip, so there isn't much to see.

I mostly spent time hanging out with friends. I doubled my shameful bowling score. I ate good food. Although I missed Voodoo Doughnuts, I had tacos at ¿Por Que No? twice, to satisfy my craving for the now closed Taqueria Nueve. I walked around the city and my old neighborhoods. I looked at cute shops and debated whether I really needed another cute winter hat. I did.

The city is full of shops with, well, junk. Stuff that is cute, but that no one actually needs. Fossil candle holders? Another bag with a bird on it? My friends bought me the cutest diaper bag (more on that later) with, of course, birds on it from Queen Bee. I actually bought another bag there as well, but with a flower on it. Just for the record, I am not a bag hoarder (I now have a total of four purses, and this was the first one I bought in six years... just for the record).

This is a clip from the IFC's Portlandia show about the birds on everything.

And another clip. The show is dead on.

Portland, where you can shop for dresses in a mobile double decker bus, eat at a different food cart for months straight, and eves drop on conversations about someone's friend Phoenix's daughter Asia. I wonder if Phoenix changed her name, or if it's a generational thing in her family.

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