17 February 2011

Funkwerks Parties

As I mentioned last time, I've been busy. One of the things consuming my time on top of my regular work load was planning an opening party for Funkwerks. We have been open for a couple of months now, but waited until January to have an opening party. Planning a party for over 200 people was more work than I anticipated. For years I mocked party planners, now I appreciate the amount of work that goes into these things.

Here are some pictures from the event. They were all taken by other people, since I was too tired or lazy to bring my camera out that night.

In case anyone was wondering.

Walnut Street Gallery provided artwork for the event to make the brewery look prettier. We had art from Jeffrey Berryman and Rod Johnson.

Barrels make a nice backdrop to the food.

Choice City Butcher provided the appetizers: crudités, hummus made with our White and nita crisps (generously donated by the good people at Nita Crisp), Saison Sausage en croûte, Southwest Sushi made with our Māori King, and BBQ sliders with sauce made with our Belgian Resistance. We also had truffles made with our Belgian Resistance from Cafe Vino.

The Nu Classics provided the entertainment in the brewery. And, Dave Hill played guitar in the tap room.

Jean and Ted served beer in the brewery.

Laura and Nicole were serving in the tap room. This is Laura filling a growler for someone that night.

Jean and Laura who make the tap room a fun place on a daily basis.

We had a great turn out from the Fort Collins community, about 250 people, if not a little more over the course of the night.

Everyone had a great time - there was even a robot dance off towards the end of the night.

And, finally, the current Funkwerks spokesbaby, Isaac Shambo looking adorable.

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