15 December 2010

Funkwerks, finally!!

A little over a year ago we moved to Fort Collins to start a brewery. B and I had been researching and planning a brewery for a long time before that. Now, after all that work, we are open!

Funkwerks opened its doors to the public last week, pouring Saison, White, Cherry Saison, and Casper (our light saison). We will have more beer on tap this week and more next week.

Here's a progression of the brewery from the time we moved to town:

Brad and Gordon brewed initial test batches in the kitchen of Gordon's rental....

and in the back yard.

We lived in two industrial spaces, and the guys brewed beer on a 1 barrel system before the first batches on the 15bbl.

Almost exactly one year after the three of us moved to town, we served beer at the Great American Beer Festival to rave reviews!

We bought more and more equipment for the brewery. B is loading spent grain into the Funkwerks van to take it to the chicken farm.

More new equipment....

The tap room being completed....

And the first patrons of Funkwerks.

G giving a tour.

Now we just have to sell all the beer we'll be making!

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