10 November 2010

This time two years ago: Vermont

Two years ago we were living in Vermont in a town of 7,700 people.

Downtown Montpelier from across the river.

We drank our way around the state, collecting stamps in our beer passports as if it was an excuse to drink. We were on a mission: visit every Vermont brewery. We even drank at one brewery on the last day they were open. Just to be clear, no DUI laws were broken on this trip: beer tasting should not lead to inebriation. There was usually some food involved as well. And, laughs.

I love the glowing eyes on this sign.

My favorite places were Bobcat Cafe in Bristol, McNeill's in Brattleboro, and Trout River in Lyndonville. Bobcat Cafe is a brewpub with an excellent locally sourced menu, and good beer, of course. At McNeill's we felt like we were in a bierstube - everyone sits around large picnic tables, encouraging neighbors to talk to each other and share the evening. The hardest of the Vermont breweries to visit is Lawson's Finest Liquid. It's not open to the public, but, if you are lucky, you can find some bottles for sale at the Warren General Store.

One of the best parts of the beer tour was driving around Vermont. Exploring the back roads, dirt roads, covered bridges, and the small towns. Vermont has a certain charm not found anywhere else in the US.

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