13 October 2010

In Pictures

What we've been up to in pictures....

Enjoying fall with fires in the back yard. It's beautiful with some leaves on the ground. There are few things better than sitting around a fire with good friends and good drinks.

I have also been harvesting the rest of the veggies from the garden. Chili with fresh tomatoes, vodka sauce with fresh tomatoes, silly amounts of salsa with... I may have over planted with 6 tomato plants. I'm planning on making this with the butternut squash, the sage will also be from the yard.

Being silly at the brewery.

Pouring beer at the Fall Harvest Brew Festival in Fort Collins. Another great beer event for Funkwerks.

The tap room is in the middle of its makeover.

And, of course, we've been busy with Samantha.

She seems to prefer drinking the water out of the tub after we've showered rather than the fresh water out of her bowl.

She's chewed through some expensive phone cords, broken one phone, and required a late night visit to the vet emergency room. Kitty ate a large amount of nylon string, was drugged and forced to vomit. Rough night for her, but the next morning she was back to biting our toes at 6:30.

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