16 September 2010

Farms and Raccoons

Squirrels are eating my tomatoes. Raccoons are jumping on and off of my roof at night playing in the bushes near the bedroom. If not there, they are in the side yard talking their gibberish. They act as if we are the intruders daring to disturb their play by shining lights at them or rapping on the window. And, if the raccoons aren’t around, then it’s the foxes creeping around the back yard. I hear a rooster every morning down the block. It’s almost like I live on a farm, not in the middle of the city.

I am missing downtown loft living. I miss yard work free weekends. And, I am not even keeping up a great yard. It’s always in a state of slightly out of control. The grass in the back is full of weeds, and partly dead in the front. I am hoping for an early snow fall again this year, and trying to figure out what I can take out to make it easier next year.

The picture is from Grant Family Farms, a real farm where we get our organic CSA from. No matter how I feel about my yard, I would definitely not want to take care of that!
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