10 September 2010


While the official season change may not be here yet, the days are shorter and the mornings are crisp. I try to convince myself that I love the seasons equally, logically listing great qualities of each, but, that only works when it’s not fall.

It’s time to get long sleeves out, time to have fires in the back yard.

It's time for roasted chiles and apples at the market.

Fall is dahlia bouquets and farm festivals. Kicking through fallen leaves and searching for a sweater in the perfect shade of orange/red.

I also have a particular seasonal neurosis…. candles. The house would be a fire hazard lit only by candles if I had my way. I didn't quite get the same effect in Phoenix as in Portland, or as I anticipate here in the mountains. But, even there, I bought candles. This year, I said I would make some. I even bought supplies! Although, B is still asking: “so, when are you going to make those candles?” Hopefully before the season is up.

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