27 September 2010

Fall in Rocky Mountain National Park

We headed to Rocky Mountain National park over the weekend for some hiking and to see the fall leaves, which were nearly at peak in the park. While it's not like New England this time of year, golden aspens are striking against the green blanket of pines.

A few aspens hanging off a ledge near the tree line.

24 September 2010


I love the bear at the Denver Convention Center. But he's a little too big to squeeze...

20 September 2010

Funkwerks and the Great American Beer Festival

305x255 logo

We were down in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival last week and weekend. Like any other industry, there are meetings to go to, and things to learn. It’s just better with beer and good people involved.

Funkwerks poured its Saison and White at the festival, along with 461 other breweries. The beers were well received and we got a lot of good press. Head over to the Facebook page for more.

This is the type of festival where it's best to have a plan. There were well over 2000 beers on tap (36,000 gallons). One ounce pours can very quickly add up. This year there were also 55 new breweries.

Funkwerks Update

It's been one year since we moved to Colorado and started working to get Funkwerks up and running. And, we made it to GABF! It's great to see all the hard work we put in pay off and people really enjoy the beer.

Funkwerks has moved into its new location in the old Fort Collins Brewery space, and the guys are busy painting, sanding, and getting the place ready for the public. The location and tap room are licensed, the labels have been approved, and the big equipment is slowly rolling in.

The new website is up at funkwerks.com. Things are coming along nicely now that some of the governmental and administrative headaches have been dealt with. Not that there won't be more...

16 September 2010

Farms and Raccoons

Squirrels are eating my tomatoes. Raccoons are jumping on and off of my roof at night playing in the bushes near the bedroom. If not there, they are in the side yard talking their gibberish. They act as if we are the intruders daring to disturb their play by shining lights at them or rapping on the window. And, if the raccoons aren’t around, then it’s the foxes creeping around the back yard. I hear a rooster every morning down the block. It’s almost like I live on a farm, not in the middle of the city.

I am missing downtown loft living. I miss yard work free weekends. And, I am not even keeping up a great yard. It’s always in a state of slightly out of control. The grass in the back is full of weeds, and partly dead in the front. I am hoping for an early snow fall again this year, and trying to figure out what I can take out to make it easier next year.

The picture is from Grant Family Farms, a real farm where we get our organic CSA from. No matter how I feel about my yard, I would definitely not want to take care of that!

10 September 2010


While the official season change may not be here yet, the days are shorter and the mornings are crisp. I try to convince myself that I love the seasons equally, logically listing great qualities of each, but, that only works when it’s not fall.

It’s time to get long sleeves out, time to have fires in the back yard.

It's time for roasted chiles and apples at the market.

Fall is dahlia bouquets and farm festivals. Kicking through fallen leaves and searching for a sweater in the perfect shade of orange/red.

I also have a particular seasonal neurosis…. candles. The house would be a fire hazard lit only by candles if I had my way. I didn't quite get the same effect in Phoenix as in Portland, or as I anticipate here in the mountains. But, even there, I bought candles. This year, I said I would make some. I even bought supplies! Although, B is still asking: “so, when are you going to make those candles?” Hopefully before the season is up.

07 September 2010

This time, last year...

We were moving to Fort Collins. We have been here one year already. It has also been one year since we finally got all of our stuff out of storage - it's still nice to sleep in my own bed!

01 September 2010

How to See a Movie in Fort Collins

I am a huge fan of movies, and have been known to see three or four movies in one weekend. Although, it's been a while since I was that much of a movie glutton. One of my favorite things to do is to see an early movie alone in the middle of the week. I started doing this during law school (it was a great refresher when I was spending hours studying), and try to do it at least once or twice a year. I justify seeing more movies by going to the early shows - I can't remember the last time I paid full evening prices for a movie. Besides, I have other things to do with my nights.

We've been going to New Belgium's bike-in movies on Thursday nights. Two dollars gets you in and three more gets you a pint of beer. If you are hungry, there is pizza and popcorn for sale, and I think burritos too. Many people also bring their own snacks. It's a little like the McMenamins theatres in Portland, except for the lack of an actual theatre and seats. Really it's just the ability to enjoy a good beer with my movie.

We bring our camp chairs and set up with everyone else. Although, we walk down there instead of bike. It's still in the spirit of the evening - leaving our car at home. I'm more likely to get a DUI on a bike than a car (yes, that's right, a DUI on a bike - I actually know someone who got pulled over on her bike here), so we just don't drink and bike.

The bike-in movies might not be the best setting for someone who usually wants to beat movie talkers with a steel bat. I saw Caddyshack for the first time a couple weeks ago (man, were people ugly in the 80s!!) - lucky for me everyone was able to call out characters' lines as they were being spoken. But, it is a fantastic way to watch previously watched movies. The movies tend to be ones that people watch over and over - tomorrow is Easy Rider, next week are the Clips of Faith (shorts made by NB's fans), and the last one this year is The Hangover.

Also, since we're on the topic of New Belgium, this weekend is Tour de Fat. We already have some wigs... stay tuned for pictures.

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