04 July 2010

Happy Fourth

This time last year we were in Key West. We watched the fireworks over the Atlantic from the beach. Tonight we're heading to the city park to watch the fireworks. We could climb onto our roof to watch them, but that would require me getting over my irrational fear of ladders (at least temporarily). So, we'll walk to the park to see what it's all about here in Fort Collins. In the mean time... here are some things I miss about Key West, the best place I've lived.
I saw this every morning running along Smather's Beach

we dodged the chickens everywhere we went

and we saw these guys every day too - so painfully cute I can't believe we didn't leave with one

I miss kayaking on Sundays, quick access to Eastern European food, getting great sandwiches at the laundromat..... I miss Key West.

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