24 June 2010

Here I am....

Wow, it's been nearly a month since I posted. It's been a busy, busy spring.

I went to Seoul to visit my brother in May for a week. I stayed with a friend, and between her, my brother, and their friends, I got a wonderful tour of the city. It's great to have friends in strange lands; I ate things I would not have otherwise eaten, I saw things and places I otherwise would not have seen, and I got more cultural explanations than I otherwise would have gotten. I also went to a traditional Korean sauna.

Here are some pictures:

flying over the rockies

some silliness over cocktails - I wrote about drinking in Korea over at Legal Libations

we went to the park, flew a kite, had some Hoegaarden, and ate shrimp flavored rice cakes (bleh!) because that's what Koreans do at the weekends

we ate some street food, but not this (corndogs covered in fries)

at the markets

oh yeah, I saw some temples and palaces too

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