26 June 2010

Grey Rock

Part of my busy spring was spending most weekends at Grey Rock training for the Kerry Way walk.

B and I decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary by doing a long distance walk in Ireland. Since we were there 10 years ago, I've been wanting to go back. We actually almost moved there at one point. Like I said, I have a fascination with Ireland, and I did not want to come home (more on that later).

To train for the walk, we would do the loop at Grey Rock twice for a total of 15 miles, sometimes twice in one weekend. The theory for doing the same trail each time was that we'd know what was coming up, when to push, and when it'd get easier. Not a bad plan when you're doing 30 miles over the weekend. While it's a great trail, moderately difficult, with great views, it will be a long time before I head back again!

snow capped peaks in the background - the phone is not the best camera, but it's all I had

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