09 March 2010


As explanation for my absence, please accept these pictures of our new house:

front view - the original 100 year old house burned down, this was built on its place in the '40s.
It is "the diner."

back view - garage on the right - I want to plant a sour cherry tree where the clothes drying rack is

living room - corner windows in most of the rooms

kitchen view - notice the mini dishwasher

view from our bedroom into the dining/plant room w/ blooming bougainvillea

dead winter shrubbery in the back yard

and finally, the first sign of spring in our front yard

Oh, and not to be forgotten:

The Penthouse Loving Game

We found this gem under stairs in the basement when we were cleaning. It was unopened.
In our haste to clean and move, we didn't think twice about it, put it into the Goodwill pile, and got rid of it. The next day, we started to regret giving away this historic relic, wondering how much we could have gotten on eBay for it.

Turns out, only about $13-$20. So, not such a loss after all.

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