21 March 2010

What this really means...

... is more spring skiing!

This was our yard on Thursday; little signs of spring pushing through the mulch.

And this was Friday afternoon down the street. We woke up to several inches of new snow. I have no problem with it, because it means more perfect spring skiing! There are very few things in life better than spring skiing in the Rockies.

17 March 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here are some photos from the parade this weekend:

1 year ago: Chicago, green river, and green beer

10 March 2010

Twilight, Siena, and Smurfs (another explanation)

Twilight Saga

I am ashamed to admit (but not ashamed enough not to admit) that I not only read the The Twilight Saga books, but I liked them.

I bought the first one when I was in Romania because I have a teenager’s reading level in Romanian - I needed easy books. I reluctantly bought the book. I saw the movie on a flight to Europe (this was the best option United had for movies, which says everything about the airline, no?), sitting next to two high school girls who watched it three times. Most of the movie, I wanted to scream “would you two just fuck already." It irritated me that much. I bought the book anyway on a friend's recommendation, knowing that movies usually screw books up.

I was surprised I liked the book so much. I finished Twilight quickly, regretting not purchasing all four of them in Romanian. No worries, I bought the other three for my Kindle, and finished them in 2 days. This is my other lame explanation for the absence of posts on this site.

I may have a bit of a compulsive habit when it comes to books. I don’t know what it is about the Twilight books - they are predictable, the characters lack depth, and I never want to read the word “grimace” again - but, I still got sucked in. I must still have the sensibility of a giggling 12 year old. Judge all you want, but I am going to see the next movie too.

What does this have to do with Siena and Papa Smurf? Plenty; in my mind at least. When I was in Italy, B and his friend came to visit. My roommate and I went to Siena and Rome with them. I remembered our trip to Siena while reading New Moon, where Bella goes to Volterra (also in Tuscany) to rescue Edward. And, while we were in Siena, B and his friend spent the better part of the day discussing the communist Smurfs. See, it all fits together.

Like most things I did with B in Italy, I went back later with a friend to actually see Siena. Something of the brick and stone gothic city was lost on me that first time as B and L spent the day arguing the finer points of Smurf episodes from a communist theory perspective.

09 March 2010


As explanation for my absence, please accept these pictures of our new house:

front view - the original 100 year old house burned down, this was built on its place in the '40s.
It is "the diner."

back view - garage on the right - I want to plant a sour cherry tree where the clothes drying rack is

living room - corner windows in most of the rooms

kitchen view - notice the mini dishwasher

view from our bedroom into the dining/plant room w/ blooming bougainvillea

dead winter shrubbery in the back yard

and finally, the first sign of spring in our front yard

Oh, and not to be forgotten:

The Penthouse Loving Game

We found this gem under stairs in the basement when we were cleaning. It was unopened.
In our haste to clean and move, we didn't think twice about it, put it into the Goodwill pile, and got rid of it. The next day, we started to regret giving away this historic relic, wondering how much we could have gotten on eBay for it.

Turns out, only about $13-$20. So, not such a loss after all.

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