27 January 2010

Familiarity Makes the World Shrink

I almost never dread coming home after a trip. Well, to be honest, I do dread the first day back, all that unpacking, laundry, oh, and the huge pain in the ass of mail - when all I want to do is shower, and watch a movie. But, after that, I usually carry the same excitement for exploration I had on my trip back home… for a little while. I seek out festivals, exhibits at the museum or galleries, and other events.

When I first moved to Portland, every week I did something different in the city, checked out a different neighborhood, even went to the “must see spots.” After a while though, that enthusiasm for home faded. It wasn’t until I was about to move away that I began to zealously re-discover Portland.

It’s easy to get stuck in our routines. Having travelled for most of last year, I have done a poor job of really exploring Fort Collins. Part of it has to do with the extreme focus on starting and growing businesses. Part of it is that, since I’ll be living here for a while, I don’t feel the urgency that travel brings to learn a place. Either way, I need to get out of my routine and get to know my home.

So, I am starting to read more about Fort Collins (my parents shouldn’t know more about where I live than I do). I am figuring out what people are saying and what’s going on… and participating.
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