30 January 2010

Silly Things

photo from the ABC Network

TV is one of those things you don’t miss once you’ve given it up. I took our old TV to Goodwill when I was studying for the bar exam the first time. For a week (maybe two?) I watched Perry Mason every day, because it was the only thing that happened to be on when I took a break - we’d given up cable years earlier. Then, one day, I watched Oprah for the first time ever (which was on right after Perry Mason). I was clearly developing the study procrastinator’s habit, and once started, I feared it would lead to a failed bar exam. So, out went the TV.

When we moved to Phoenix, tired of getting a crick in my neck every time we watched a movie on the computer, I purchased a very nice flat screen LCD. I do have a movie habit. B mocked my expensive purchase. Then he got used to watching movies on a pretty screen with the ability to sit anywhere on the sofa.

The problem with the nice TV is that it is really just a glorified screen. We do not have cable, and I don’t have an antenna to make the TV work. Usually, this is not a problem - we plug in our computers, or the PS2, and watch movies, or even shows, commercial free. So, why the hell am I telling you about this?

The final season of Lost is upon us. The TV doesn’t work. Lost is another habit...er addiction. Again, B mocked me, until he started watching it… he watched 5 seasons in 3 weeks. Now, who’s mocking?

True, I could wait until the next day and see the show on-line (even on the pretty screen once the computer is plugged in); but the internet connection where we’re renting is a bit slow. You see the dilemma, no? Waiting until it comes out on DVD is not an option I am willing to consider.

It’s ridiculous to get an antenna just for one show, but, at the same time, it’s Lost. It's completely ridiculous that this is any kind of issue at all. Whatever.

I am glad the State of the Union address was rescheduled to not fall on the same night as Lost; I know which one I would have chosen.

29 January 2010

27 January 2010

Familiarity Makes the World Shrink

I almost never dread coming home after a trip. Well, to be honest, I do dread the first day back, all that unpacking, laundry, oh, and the huge pain in the ass of mail - when all I want to do is shower, and watch a movie. But, after that, I usually carry the same excitement for exploration I had on my trip back home… for a little while. I seek out festivals, exhibits at the museum or galleries, and other events.

When I first moved to Portland, every week I did something different in the city, checked out a different neighborhood, even went to the “must see spots.” After a while though, that enthusiasm for home faded. It wasn’t until I was about to move away that I began to zealously re-discover Portland.

It’s easy to get stuck in our routines. Having travelled for most of last year, I have done a poor job of really exploring Fort Collins. Part of it has to do with the extreme focus on starting and growing businesses. Part of it is that, since I’ll be living here for a while, I don’t feel the urgency that travel brings to learn a place. Either way, I need to get out of my routine and get to know my home.

So, I am starting to read more about Fort Collins (my parents shouldn’t know more about where I live than I do). I am figuring out what people are saying and what’s going on… and participating.

22 January 2010


Telluride is one of my favorite places to ski. I haven’t been yet this season, and will be sticking to Summit County, at least this season. Either way, I am feeling the itch to get out on the slopes. And, after skiing in Vermont last year, I am looking forward to nice powder, and sunny spring skiing.

20 January 2010


Lefthand Brewing Co.'s Fade to Black label

I went to Ales4Females at Lefthand Brewing in Longmont, CO on Monday. There are now two tastings per month because they were so overwhelmed with would-be attendees. Not a bad place to be.

Ales4Females is a women’s beer tasting club… and one reason to head to Longmont once a month. Cinzia Wallace and Sue Smith-Troy (both intimately involved with the Lefthand brewery) started the club to empower, educate, and embolden women to enjoy beer. The success of the club has led to other clubs forming around the country, using the Ales4Females name and logo.

Each month, a beer style is featured along with a few small bites paired with the beers offered. There is also an education component to each meeting - and Sue does her best to corral 75 women (an accomplishment after we’ve all had a beer or two).

Monday we tasted winter ales:
- Alaskan's Winter Ale (brewed with spruce tips) paired with clementines;
- Deschutes' Jubelale (a “festive winter ale”) paired with goji berry pistachio crackers and a small sliver of blue cheese; and
- Lefthand’s Fade to Black (a foreign export stout) paired with fennel salami.
The Lefthand pairing was the best of the evening, not surprising since the ladies probably know their beer best. The fat mellowed the hops, and the fennel brought out a bit of fruity sweetness. I was not a big fan of Alaskan’s winter ale, but the clementine pairing brought out the citrus in the beer (and made it taste better). The Jubelale was great with the small amount of blue cheese - too much and it would have overpowered the beer.

14 January 2010


At 600 ft in VT one year ago

At 10,000+ feet in CO; at least it wasn't -10!

05 January 2010

New Year

Gerbera daisies make me happy. I bought a small bouquet to wake up to on the first day of the new year.

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