02 December 2009

Best Restaurant Experience '09

We visited every brewery in Vermont - all of them. What? It was cold, and it’s a small state. The Vermont Brewer’s Association has a passport program. After you collect all the stamps, you send in the passport for some free shit. We haven’s sent ours in; the last thing we need are more beer glasses and brewery t-shirts.

One of the best days on our grand Vermont brewery tour was a visit to Stone Cutters (on the last day it was open - poor location, not terrible beer) followed by dinner and beer at the Trout River Brewery in the Northeast Kingdom (I love that regional name; it reminds me of dragons, witches, and castles. You?)

The beer was some of the best in Vermont, I particularly liked the Scottish Ale. I was driving, so I could still reliably judge the beer. The hand tossed pizzas were also good (B ate two). But, the best part of it came when we left.

We got up from our table, B thanked our waiter, the rest of the wait staff, the bar tender, the hostess, and then the group of people entering the pub. Thank you... thank you... thank you. For the food, for the beer, for making such yummy goodness, for supporting this fine establishment.

It’s good to be in a merry mood. And, I mean merry, not inebriated. Merry is that point when your belly is full, the alcohol has just touched your head, you are smiling, and nothing is wrong in your world. A merry mood is infectious.
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