11 December 2009

Best Place '09

Having been deprived of my own bed for a year, I'd say the best place of 2009, is my bed, which, sometime in September, I was finally able to sleep in again.

We left Phoenix at 7 in the morning with a 17 foot Uhaul and arrived in Fort Collins at 11 that night. We stopped for gas and to pee, that's it (my mom made us sandwiches that we ate in the Uhaul for lunch and dinner). Rather than sleep on the floor again, we decided to take out at least the mattress. So, we unloaded everything we needed to just to get to the mattress. At 2 (after unloading and showering) we finally slept in our own bed. I don't remember what we used as sheets (probably our sleeping bags) or pillows, but it didn't matter. It felt so wonderful to sleep on our bed again. Although, we were so exhausted, the floor might have been good enough.

The bed frame was a casualty of the move. It was cheap Ikea that was already being held together by a sock in one part. We don't want to buy another frame until we buy a house, or move into a longer term lease, so, we're sleeping like the college students in our neighborhood: on the mattress on the floor. Our mattress is much nicer, I suspect. Flannel sheets and down comforters make it even nicer. Unlike most other places I slept this year, I look forward to getting into bed and, especially on cold mornings, have a hard time leaving.
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