01 December 2009

The Best of 2009 - Best Trip

Because I need a good kick in the ass to blog more frequently, because I failed to start blogging at the beginning, and because I want to end this year on a good note, I am going to do @gwenbell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. This means that I will post daily for the next 31 days (notice the lack of a qualifier).

Today is best trip of 2009. This is the hardest category in which to determine a best. The entire year was a big trip. Since April 2008 (until late September when I moved to CO), I have been on the move. I drove across the country twice; visited all the national parks in the West, and a few in Canada; lived in Arizona, Vermont, Chicago, Munich, Key West, and now Colorado; went to Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and then some. It was an amazing year.

The biggest surprise, and the best (since I am choosing to pick one best), was Key West. I could do without the tropical weather, but I love the island. It’s the attitude, the different cultures combining into the Key West culture, the hog fish, kayaking, sunrises over the ocean, weekly festivals, shrimp on the pier, the island kittens, and so much more that I miss.

It was so easy to meet people there. The history is so colorful (to say the least), and it has inspired so many. Chuck Palahniuk described Portland as a place of fugitives and refugees. Key West is also full of fugitives and refugees… and misfits. It’s what makes both cities so fascinating: the people, the stories, the attitudes.

Oh, and did I mention the kayaking?
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