19 December 2009

Best Car Ride in a Year of Car Rides

I spent a silly amount of time on road-trips this year. Maybe my word for 2009 should be road-trip instead of change. In fact, we’re on another road trip now - out to Pittsburgh & DC for the holidays.

somewhere in Nebraska / somewhere in Iowa / somewhere in Illinois

My favorite part of all the drives we did was the giddy feeling I got when rounding two corners: the corner before reaching the ponderosa forests near Flagstaff, and the corner right before the bridge from the mainland onto the Keys. I have never been so happy to come back home to any place as I was driving over that bridge. I knew I was leaving behind the maniacs of Miami (where the east coast action and machismo action make driving or simply even interacting a confrontational affair) and heading towards fun people and good attitudes.

One of the best drives of 2009 was back and forth from Munich to Prague - to be clear, I mean the drive after B and I finally got out of Munich and before we got lost in Prague (we won’t talk about those parts). The roads were amazingly smooth, everyone drove quite civilly at 100+ mph. The wildflower meadows between the storybook forests were just beginning to bloom. We stopped on the way back for lunch at a German rest stop: fresh sandwiches with hardy tomatoes, not the mealy styrofoam ones on pre-made sandwiches here.

Best of 2009 Blog Challenge
December 19 Car Ride. What did you see? How did it smell? Did you eat anything as you drove there? Who were you with?
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