07 December 2009

Best Blog '09

I am not sure if I found Lea and Jonathan Woodward in 2009, or slightly before. Either way, the LIP blog (location independent professionals) has been quite a useful resource for me this year, from setting up an online store to managing snide comments from nay-sayers.

The LIP blog led me to the blogs of other people striving to travel more, to build businesses sustainable from anywhere in the world, and, in general, to enjoy life more. I discovered Christine’s journey from corporate manager to location independent writer, John’s plan to find a new country and new career, as well as Chris’ adventures in non-conformity. The LIP blog has morphed into a large community over the past year, and it has been nice to be part of that.

I also discovered Karen at chookooloonks and VoluntarySimplicityJack this year. They are also former lawyers pursuing an alternative path, following their dreams.

It is encouraging to find others that took a leap away from what was expected and from careers they were less than enthusiastic about.
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