13 November 2009

How to Disintermediate High Leverage Tasks

What exactly is a message consultant? Or strategic interfacing? What the hell does marketing speak mean?

Do I need a guru to harness my authenticity? What about a holistic approach to my rapid cycle process improvement? Seriously, I’m not making this shit up.

It’s all smoke and mirrors. Good marketing brings ideas and people together. Brings a solution to people with a problem to solve. It does not create neologisms for the sake of… well, I’m not quite sure why. I suppose the need to puff one’s self up crosses all career barriers.

Marketing speak does not translate into anything. How are we going to use key enablers to leverage the new paradigm? Please lay out the steps - in clear concise language. Otherwise, we will not be any closer to getting our product to market.

Identify concrete problems, take out the bullshit, and solve them. Talk about what will and what will not work. Instead of disintermediating high leverage tasks, just say that you will take care of the important task yourself.

This is a funny video of Microsoft re-packaging the iPod. What makes something expressively human?!
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