08 October 2009

I won!

At the risk of sounding like a small child... I won; I won!

Once in a while I enter contests, or even buy a raffle ticket - assuming I don't have to give up too much personal information. I have never, ever in my life won anything. It might simply be an annoying sense of optimism that propels me to keep entering these things. I usually don’t even listen as raffle numbers are called out, because I know it won’t be my number. I am not a winner.

But, the other day I won a jacket and a hat. Imagine that! It wouldn’t have mattered what I won, I'd still be acting like a child. I'm a winner!

I just hope what they send me is what they told me I won. It is free shit, after all.

here are the jacket and the hat - just in time for the snow

Aura JacketStripe Beanie

Update: I got it - and it is exactly what's on the website. I got the jacket in the red color, as well as the hat. Yay!

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