23 September 2009


We’ve moved… again. We moved to Fort Collins, CO. Away from the island, the kittens, and the heat. Summer is definitely over here. I am writing this in a wool sweater I bought on Inis Mór (one of the Aran Islands in Ireland). A thick wool sweater. This is a definite shock from Key West, where even a tank top and shorts was sometimes too much clothing.

It snowed in the mountains last night. Snow! The leaves are starting to change color, and there are green chiles being roasted at the farmers’ markets. I am itching to go for a hike, and to snowshoe and ski this winter.

We’re heading to the Great American Beer Festival tomorrow evening. I just downloaded the map today to make my plan of attack. There are going to be something like 400 breweries and 2000 beers to taste. It’s a festival that requires a plan, or else you might not remember it.
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