09 August 2009

Reasons for Lazy Days

It’s hot. Hot enough that, unless I am out on the ocean kayaking, I have little desire to go outside for any reason at all. I never did make it to the battle of the bars. Spending hours in the heat with a bunch of sweaty people watching bartenders tackle an obstacle course seemed more like a good way to come home sunburned and grumpy, than a fun way to spend an afternoon. I went to a movie instead.

This weekend was LobsterFest. Yet another reason to have a street fair here in the Conch Republic. This time we went. It was hot and crowded, and by the time we walked to the end of Duval, we wanted to eat our lobster in air conditioning rather than standing on the street in the sun. So, we joined several other heat whimps inside to enjoy grilled lobster dinners. Then headed back to our favorite bar for another beer before coming home to wait for the sun to go down before heading out again.

The heat this time of year in KW is not bad if you are sitting in the shade, drinking a cold drink, by the ocean, with a breeze blowing through. Take away one of those conditions and perspiration beads start forming. As much as I complain about the heat (which I do regardless of where I am), we still go outside in the middle of the day here, and often walk the mile or so to get somewhere. After some grumbling, and trying to find all the shady parts along the way, it’s actually fine. Of course, I would always rather be out kayaking on the ocean. Then there is no heat at all. It’s just salt water on my forehead, not sweat.
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