05 August 2009

Like Camping

We have been traveling. Living in short term furnished rentals. Sleeping in someone else’s bed.

The bed in Vermont creaked every time one of us took a deep breath. The floors sloped eight different directions in the 100+ year old Victorian, so did the bed. We knew when snow fell because the plows scoured the streets at 4 every morning. Beep, beep, beeping as they backed up for another round. Before moving to old town in Key West, we slept in a full for two months. We might be close, but that is too close.

There were only two beds in the past year that have given me good sleep. One is on a farm in Maryland. I suspect it’s not so much the bed itself (which is very comfortable), but the quiet nights on the farm that provide restful sleep. The other was in Munich. I would have stayed longer than two months just to keep sleeping in that bed, but with a different pillow.

We are renting a place in old town now. The location is great; the bed is like camping every night. I miss my bed (above).
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