24 August 2009

Costs of Flexibility

There are more and more location independent and lifestyle design blogs popping up. I read them sometimes for tips (travel, work and encouragement), and other times just to know that it does work for others.

What no one tells you about are some of the wearing costs associated with such a flexible lifestyle. The constant search for reliable internet. Feeling like you’re sleeping at the bottom of a rock quarry instead of a bed. The lack of a sustained routine (more of a problem for me than B). After a year of almost constant travel, this can all get old. One of the hardest things is meeting great new friends and leaving. But, as we’ve already experienced, we’ll see those friends in the future, maybe in another country.

Harder still is leaving paradise before you’re ready to. Opportunities arise, and we have the flexibility to take any and all good opportunities that come our way. Literally, we can pack up the Jeep and leave tomorrow. When you are not ready to go, though, flexibility starts turning into an albatross.

There is just something about Key West. Yes, this is a cryptic post. Yes, we’re trying to decide if and when to leave the island. More later….
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