01 July 2009

Snowshoes in paradise??

I don’t know how many times our plans have changed since we left Phoenix last April. A year-long trip around the world was temporarily extended to two years, and then truncated to several months with the idea that B would switch offices and we’d move, which turned into B going to beer school, into moving to Vermont, into moving to the Virgin Islands, into… Key West, with many, many other iterations in between.

We probably look like a couple of fickle kids: our plans change each time we announce a new one. But, for those of you that know B well, you can probably picture all of the hours of (often) excruciating discussion (and spreadsheets) that go into changing and making a new plan. How will this work? What will we do to make money? Are questions that always lead to: Why do we want to do this? What do we really want out of life? Etc. I think we can fill 160 GB with all of the spreadsheets he’s created to help us figure out what the logistics of the next plan will be - it’s sort of like my compulsive list making, only more…

I can follow our plan shifts in books (on log homes and sailing the Caribbean) and extra stuff we’re carrying around (which we packed up this weekend to move into a second apartment in Old Town). While I don’t have my Chacos here (because I couldn’t find them in the storage unit in Phx - which is another story altogether), I do have my snow shoes. We also have thick Vermont-cold sweaters, and enough brewing equipment to almost fill the back of the Jeep. We clearly didn’t plan for the plan to change this much.

But, plans change and it’s good. We’re constantly reinventing our paths, and we’ve both learned to be more resilient in the last year, and to really think about what we want when making any plans. Part of making all of this travel and change work is always thinking about the absolute worst that could happen and coming up with a plan to deal with that. At least, that's what works for me. There’s always a solution for every horrible thing that could happen, we just have to think about all the bad things first.

So, we’re in Key West, kayaking, taking sailing lessons, enjoying island life, and making plans. I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world, which means starting an on-line business of some kind and freelancing. How the plans change from there, and what I do to achieve that, is simply logistics.
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