17 July 2009

10 Best Places to Have Sex Outdoors

10. In the forest. Be careful here, there may be ants waiting to bite your ass.

9. On the beach, at night, under a moonlit sky (and for bonus points, in the surf). So romantic, but there is a lot of sand; so, either you will have to deal with it getting in your ass crack if you go full-out romantic in the surf, or bring a blanket.

8. On the edge of a cliff. The views are amazing, but don’t roll.

There’s a lot of sand? No shit, it’s a beach. This is the type of drivel most magazines are publishing today: 10 best lists with no content or substance at all.

When did we become a culture that consumes 10 bests lists rather than actual content? People blame Twitter for the short attention spans of readers. I think it goes deeper than that, and has been increasing for far longer than Twitter has been around. I am definitely guilty of using Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch rather than e-mailing or calling people. I do, however, expect and want more intelligent content in the magazine I just paid nearly $5 for.

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