08 April 2009

What could be better?

Yesterday is not represented on Flickr, but still deserves to be mentioned. After breakfast with Brad and reading the news, I ran (which really means I leisurely jogged) to, through, and back from the Schloss Nymphenburg gardens. I was boiling by the time I got back since most of the way was unshaded and I thought the schloss was closer than it really was. Then I headed into town expecting lots of excellent people watching since it is spring break here, and sunny, which draws everyone outside and into the streets and parks.

Having quickly accomplished by one mission for the day (buying travel sized shampoo and conditioner), I decided to celebrate the sunny 70 degree day with a Prosecco Aperol and some people watching at a café in the old town. Refreshed from my spritz, I explored the 20th century through art, graphics, design, and architecture at the Pinakotech der Moderne.

I had a late lunch in another café on a semi-hidden square in the old town: grilled perch with truffled potato salad and a small green salad. The waitress expertly matched a white wine to my meal, and I lingered at the cafe watching people stroll by. Since everything is fairly close, I took a walk through the Englischer Garten after lunch. It must still be a little chilly, because there were no nude sunbathers in the park. Or, maybe I missed them. I enjoyed a scoop of walnut ice cream before heading home to make dinner (steamed kohlrabi w/ fresh dill and pork chops). And, after dinner, Brad and I walked around the Hirschgarten and watched the sun set.

There are, of course, other ways to have a perfect day, but yesterday I couldn't have asked for anything more... except for Brad to have had as good a day as I did.
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