27 March 2009

Arrival in München

I am going to blame the delayed post on jet lag; although, some procrastination may be at work too. I rarely have a problem with jet lag when I go somewhere unless Brad keeps me up. The second or third night we were here, he woke up around midnight and, after walking me up, instead of trying to go back to sleep or reading, he proceeded to talk about beer school, people, and our future plans for nearly three hours. Every time I would try to go back to sleep some new topic would keep me awake. When I finally did go back to sleep, he got out his book. We were both even more useless the next day than we had been the day before.

And on that next day, I had an accident with a glass at the Hofbraühaus. I was telling a story, gesturing about something, and down it went. It shattered; I left embarrassed. Last time I was in Munich, I walked into a glass door of a shop as I was leaving. The glass spidered from two impact points - my head and my knee. I had a huge bump on my head and a bruise on my knee, the shop had to close for the day and tape a big yellow "x" over the glass to keep it from shattering into the street. They wouldn't be able to repair the door for a few days since this happened on a weekend. I am trying to pay more attention to my extremities while around glass objects in Munich, because the only thing I can blame the Hofbraühaus accident (and the store incident 5 years ago) on is my own clumsiness.

We're staying in a gästehaus hotel six S Bahn stops from the center of the city. Our room/apartment has a closet kitchenette (see picture), which means we get some veggies alongside the German winter diet of meat and potatoes with a side of potatoes. The apartment is a vast improvement over the one in Chicago. The best part is the lack of loud, obnoxious, and inconsiderate neighbors.

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